A Literary Guide To Our Orwellian Nightmare

“The individual has been voted off this island, Earth. In place of the individual is now the group to which you are assigned based on politics, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, class, or whatever other way we can possibly divide ourselves into a tribe armed with Internet war paint. Twenty-four-hour mass media has led to an inculcation of groupthink, so the difficulty is merely finding your group and then telling everyone about it so that you can have the pre-assigned political argument. With our technology we have turned outward, looking out into a world that is suddenly at our fingertips and searching for truth, community, and significance through that technology. But it is a fruitless search. All we find is the faceless mob and pre-fabricated answers to questions that solve nothing. We have become alienated from our selves.”


The Hoards

Every year I see posts by people complaining about the mindless consumerism of “Black Friday”.

It’s as if they don’t know that their national economic policy is driven by the same mindless consumerism they see on the faces of Black Friday shoppers.